Parish Council


The parish council is the first tier of local government and exists to represent the interests of the parish. There are fifteen seats on Wootton Parish Council and councillors are elected when determined by central government. The position is purely voluntary and attracts no payment.  For a list of councillors click here.


Council Meetings

The Annual Meeting is held in May and the Parish Meeting is held between 1st March and 1st June each year. 


Full Council and all committee/steering group meetings are held in the Wootton Community Centre, Harris Way on the second and last Wednesdays of each month - please refer to the list of meetings for fuller details.  All meetings are open to the public and include an 'Open Forum' where Wootton residents can address the council on issues relating to the village. There are three committees (Finance & General Purposes, Leisure & Amenities (currently suspended whilst the Neighbourhood Plan is underway) and Planning & Environment), two steering groups (Neighbourhood Plan and Roads & Pavements Safety) and two working groups (Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Fun Fest.  A list of all Meetings and Minutes can be found on this website and on the parish noticeboards.


Parish Clerk

The Parish Council employs a Clerk (Sue Playford) who implements decisions made by the council and provides independent, objective and professional advice, information and administrative support to the council. The Clerk is the main contact for the parish. 


Contact details for Sue Playford

Phone: - 07531 930788

E-mail: -  


Vacancies - Parish Councillors

At the moment there are four vacancies on the parish council.  For further details please contact the Clerk to the Council.


For US to Sort It - You have to Report It.


For us to Sort it, You have to report It

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